Philips Mg372033, Series 3000 7-In-1 Multigroom, Black

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  • Trim And Style Your Face And Hair With 7 Tools
  • Self Sharpening, Skin Friendly Blades For A Perfect Trim
  • Get Up To 60 Minutes Of Cordless Use For Every 16 Hour Charge.
  • 5 Combs For Trimming Your Face And Hair
  • Nose Trimmer Gently Removes Unwanted Nose And Ear Hair
  • Special Features : Rechargeable
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Try out a new look, any day of the week, with this durable all in one trimmer. 7 quality tools allow you to easily create the exact face and hairstyle you want. Note: Do not rinse the handle under the tap, only the attachments can be rinsed under the tap. Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids such as gasoline or acetone to clean the product. Never dry the trimmer teeth with a towel or tissue, as this may damage the trimmer teeth. After every use: cleaning under the tap 1. Turn off the appliance and disconnect from the wall socket 2. Remove any comb or cutting element from the appliance 3. Rinse the hair chamber under a warm tap 4. Clean the cutting element and comb under a warm tap 5. Carefully shake off excess water and let all parts air dry completely


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