LI-NING -Badminton Racket TECTONIC 7 -AYPQ022-4

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Product Range   : Tectonic

Player Type        : Balanced

Player Level       :Professional

Weight                :84 grams

Balance Point    :295 mm

Shaft Flexibility :Flexible

Racket Grip Size :S2

Maximum Racket Tension  : ≤ 32 LBS (pounds)

Material            :Carbon Fibre

Frame Shape   :Dynamic Optimum Frame

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Experience the power to breakthrough new limits with a unique flexible frame structure at 5′ and 7 O’ clock positions to absorb potential rebound energy, doubling the acceleration power of the racket in return. With the ‘Thunderbolt Cloud’ Technology and T1100G High Modulus carbon-fibre frame, the racket’s overall stability is improved by suppressing turbulence and improving striking precision. The Energy Absorption Rebound Technology also enhances the racket’s rebound speed and increases shuttlecock acceleration by 3.2% (Li-Ning lab data).

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LI-NING -Badminton Racket TECTONIC 7 -AYPQ022-4

د.إ899.00د.إ1,200.00 (-25%)

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